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Bylines in The Guardian, The Independent, i newspaper, The New European, the Times Literary Supplement, Vice, Grazia and many more.

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The Guardian 

How The Cult of Quiet Can Change Your Life, The Guardian

When Airbnb Rentals Turn Into Noisy Neighbours

Are Tiny Letters The Saviour Of Modern Poetry?

Top Ten Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants In Manchester

The Curious Duality of the Modern Instagram User

What Does Your Router Name Say About You?

Sadie Dupois On Her Consent Pop Album

Why Messy Motherhood Is Finally Being Accepted On The Screen

Sent From My iPhone and Net Etiquette

Should Water Cooler Chat Be Left Offline?

Women Writers Manifesto Builds Community Of Authors

The Mysterious Eye Condition of “Visual Snow”

Manchester’s Inaccessibly Expensive Festival

Breast Is Not Always Best

Bridesmaids Didn’t Invent The Feminist Chick Flick

The Independent & Newspaper

The Legend Of Zelda: Why 2017 Is The Year Of Mrs. Fitzgerald

The Way Martin Shkreli Treated Teen Vogue Journalist Is Male Entitlement

The New European

EU Faces The Mother Of All Crises

What’s All The Hoo-Ha About Hygge?

Danes Still Go Wild For A Backwoods Education

Join The Quiet Revolution & Embrace Scandi Style

Vice & Munchies

The Rise of the Vegan Bro

What’s The Deal With That #MermaidLife Thing

What The Popularity Of Prank Culture Tells Us About Ourselves

A Living Room With A License

Victorian Gingerbread That Tastes Nothing Like Greggs

The Skinny

Bars, Salford and Gentrification

Real Dreaming: Working In The Arts


Why I’m Dating My Friends


Too Much Porn In Pop

Digital Fix

Cherry Pop: Torres

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